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In 1910 the Empire Type Foundry of Buffalo, NY remodeled a Smith Premier 10 full keyboard visible typewriter with a Mergenthaler Linotype keyboard layout. It was sold by them as the Linowriter. Empire was the "Sole Selling Agent". The purpose was that linotype operators could type without learning the qwerty keyboard layout. This was a short-lived product. In the following year, G H Buckner of Oakland, California contracted directly with Smith Premier of Syracuse to produce a similar machine based on the obsolete SP 1 machine. It was called the Buckner Linotypewriter. Both are very rare machines. (refer to "American Typewriters, A Collector's Encyclopedia", by Paul Lippman, 1991)

You can see the famous linotype keyboard layout on this machine, " etaoin shrdlu "

Circa 1910.